Thanksgiving in Rome

Welcome to my new blog!  My mother, sister, and I have a new tradition:  every year we travel somewhere together for Thanksgiving.  Last year it was beautiful, peaceful Paris, just weeks before the first terrible attack.  This year it was Rome.  

We rented an apartment near the Spanish Steps, ate almost everyday at Roscioli and Emma Pizzeria, shopped at Gucci and Valentino (yes, we actually did this), and took in the staggering antiquity woven into everyday street life.  We fell in love with Italian wine and coffee, and most of all the incredibly warm, friendly people -- primarily our lovable, informative taxi drivers and waiters!

I think all three of us would agree though that our favorite moment was when we climbed up Palatine Hill.  The scent of the iconic umbrella pine trees, the warm Roman sun, and the spirit of ancient Rome enveloped us.  It was magical.