Brooklyn Heights wedding

620 Loft & Garden Wedding at Rockefeller Center

Ashley and Chad held their wedding at one of the most iconic wedding venues in New York City:  620 Loft & Garden at Rockefeller Center.  With St. Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center as backdrops, you can't really go wrong!  Even with the cathedral partially covered in scaffolding at the time of this wedding last fall, it was nothing short of spectacular.  It was truly a privilege and magical experience to be out on that terrace in the center of midtown Manhattan -- especially at night.  Literally one of my favorite moments in my many years as a wedding photographer.

Another fun fact about Ashley and Chad's wedding was that we staged a "day after" photo shoot.  The day after the wedding, we wandered around Brooklyn Heights and the Promenade, and took pictures of the newlyweds against the NYC skyline and sitting on a brownstone stoop.  I highly recommend this additional shoot for every bride and groom.  You're so much more relaxed the next day!  All the pressure was off.  In fact, I think we captured some of the sweetest pictures of Ashley and Chad during this shoot.

Getting Ready Venue:  Lotte New York Palace Hotel
Ceremony and Reception:  620 Loft & Garden, Rockefeller Center
Day-After Shoot Locations:  Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Promenade

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