I am very excited to share with you a new service that I've added to my wedding photography business.  I'm pleased to announce that, as of April 2017, I am now offering..... a photo booth!

Over the years, I've noticed how much fun guests have with photo booths.  Sometimes I think they're some of the best photographs of guests taken at the reception!  This is because it puts guests in the driver's seat.  They get to push the button and they can see how they look as the picture is taken.  

It was very important to me that my photo booth offer the very best in studio lighting and optics, and after months of research, I finally found the one!  I have chosen the very best system out there, created by photographers who understand great photo quality and lighting.

My system not only offers beautiful prints on the spot but animated GIFs and social media integration too.  So if you want to add a photo booth to your big day, let's talk!